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Das Kipunda-Projekt


  1. Project introduction to district and community excises:
    1.1. These excises were made to district level first where District Executive Director,
    officials from all tailored departments i.e. planning, health, community development,
    education and water departments were involved.
    1.2. At community level, in collaboration with district officials the introduction meetings were
    held in two sessions where first involved ward and village leaders. From this meeting both
    ward and village leaders agreed with thankful to implement the project as is very important
    to them and their community. The second session was of community members where
    facilitated by HAPA and Ikungi District Officials including ward and village leaders. The
    community members accepted the projects with thankful notes. They agreed to participate
    fully in all implementation processes / stages.
  1. Signing project contract with district: This process was done successfully where project
    partners signed the project contract. These parties are Wibia e.V, HAPA and Ikunngi
    District Council.
  2. Community mobilization meetings on project implementation:
    Two meetings were conducted to Kipunda village community. The meetings aims were to
    mobilise and organise community to have common understanding on project. They agreed to
    participate fully in project implementation.
  1. Quotations for construction materials and supplier selection and contracts signing
    This exercise were done successful by visiting seven shops and supply quotation form,
    collection of filled quotation forms, quotation analysis and selection and contracting of
    supplier were done. This was done by procurement committee which involve some HAPA
    staff and Ikungi District Council.
  2. Search and Contracting technicians:
    This done by advertising the vacancy and technicians applied for the works. 6 technicians /
    groups were applied for advertised works. HAPA team in corroboration with Ikungi district
    council team conducted interview and the first and second winners selected to construct the
    advertised works. Five column group and Juma Julius Mdulu (First and second winners)
    selected to construct the advertised works.
  1. HAPA staff and Management team meeting on the way forward after Noel Makyao
    (HAPA Ag. Director death: After Noel Makyao death who was Ag. Executive Director on
    27th Jan.2021, HAPA staff and Management Team set to find way forward as he was
    Ag. Executive Director. The meeting selected one among the team to propose to the Board
    of Directors for approval. Baraka Atufigwege Mwakubali was selected and proposed to
    Board of Directors for approval. From this meeting the Chairperson requested to call the
    Board of Directors to meet for emergency to discus and give a way forward.
  2. HAPA Board of Directors emergency Meeting on the way forward after Noel Makyao
    (HAPA Ag. Director) death: On 2nd Feb. 2021, HAPA Board of Directors met for
    emergency to discuss the way forward of the organization after Mr. Noel Makyao who was
    Ag. Executive Director. The meeting went through HAPA Staff and Management proposal
    and approved Mr. Baraka Atufigwege Mwakubali as new Ag. Executive Director. Apart of
    new Ag. Executive Director approval, also the Board of Directors provided directions not
    only to new Ag. Executive Director Mr. Baraka, but to all HAPA team to work together and
    careful to make sure the existing Kipunda projects is completed smoothly within a
    timeframe and the targeted goals are met.
  3. New HAPA Ag. Executive Director in Office: From 3rd Feb. 2021, Mr. Baraka
    Atufigwege Mwakubali assumed the roles by leading HAPA team in paper works
    productions to accommodate the change. Contract with construction materials suppliers
    and orders were signed and the project started.

General Challenges

  1. Death of HAPA Ag. Executive Director Mr. Noel Makyao: He led the HAPA team from the
    beginning of project proposal writing. He was organizer and HAPA figure. Donors and other
    stakeholders to worry ?

Proposed Action(s)/Solutions

• New Ag. Executive Director to show up leadership by organising HAPA Team to
unity and work hard to make sure the existing Kipunda projects is well managed
and implemented accordingly time frame and targeted goals.
• New Ag. Executive Director and Project Officer to communicate frequently with
donor (Wibia e.V) on project progress.
• Technicians to work hard to meet the timeframe which is behind.
• Community to continue supporting technicians and handling construction
materials properly.
• HAPA in collaboration with Ikungi District Council to continue with close
supervision to make sure the intended outcomes is happens.

Way Forward / Future Plans and/or recommendations

  1. Technicians to continue with :
    • walls construction, roofing of dispensary block.
    • Foundation Construction of double staff house
    • Pit and foundation construction of
  2. HAPA to supply all needed materials timely.
  3. HAPA in collaboration with Ikungi District Council to continue with close supervision
    / monitoring of construction works.
  4. Community to continue work hand in hand with Technicians.